Mademoiselle Coco was 71 years old when she envisioned, realized and revealed the Classic Flap Bag which she named 2.55. 2.55 represented the day of its unveiling in February 1955. More than fifty years later the CHANEL Flap Bag is hailed as a time-honored masterpiece.

The CHANEL Flap Bag merges beauty, function and comfort. Diamond quilted superior leather is shaped and lined with premiere fabric. Interwoven chain and leather strips are uniformly interwoven to form a smooth and comfortable strap. A metal CC latch locks down the flap securely. Each CHANEL bag emerges from the studios of experienced and talented artisans as a breathtakingly beautiful work of art.

A replica Chanel bag is best avoided. Replicas are often of extremely low quality. Additionally, a replica is an illegal product, as it bears designs, marks, trademarks and other intellectual property owned and registered by CHANEL. Criminal enterprises shun the laws in attempts to latch on to and bank on the popularity of the CHANEL name. Replica traffickers are often a profit generating spoke in the wheel of a larger criminal network engaging in crimes from drug dealing to terrorism.

Only genuine CHANEL bags will ever bring the legacy and stunning beauty of the House of CHANEL into your life.